Since 1972 ALAN stands out in offering frames and bikes with special, exclusive and technologically advanced features.
Our extensive experience allows us to offer quality crafted products, with attention to detail at every stage of production, using the most advanced and innovative construction technologies .

We guarantee the customer a personalized and exclusive service:

  • Wide range of road and cyclo-cross models.
  • Appropriate geometry at the correct position in the saddle avoiding physical problems to the cyclist.
  • Speedy and timely delivery.
  • Colors and optional on request to meet all technical and aesthetic requirements.
  • Product warranty and after-sales technical assistance.

The carbon tubes are built by using special moulds and during the polymerization the resin is injected at high pressure. This operation allows a better distribution of the resin among the fibers, in order to have a more compact structure.

Ways of building a carbon frame

The carbon frames are made by the “tube to tube” or “carbon wrapped” process or by the monocoque process.
The tubes are cut and milled then assembled using structural adhesives then the junction points are wrapped with prepregnated carbon layers.
The frame is put in autoclave and then in an oven in order to obtain a rigid and lightweight structure.

The “tube to tube” or “carbon wrapped” process and the custom made frame

The manufacturing system “tube to tube” or “carbon wrapped,” is a process in which the carbon tubes are bonded by carbon wraps crossed at various angles to obtain maximum strength at the points subjected to the greatest stress.
This process creates a homogeneous structure with similar characteristics to a monocoque frame but with the added ability to make custom frame geometries.
Considering the body measurements of the customer , the technical characteristics of the bike are improved offering the perfect sizes and eliminating the physical problems caused by a wrong position while riding.

The monocoque process

The monocoque frames are built by moulds in which are put prepregnated carbon layers;
the mould is then pressurized and put in an oven in order to polymerize and solidificate the resin.


The alloy frames are built with the class 7005 and Scandium 7000 alloy tubes, which are light with good mechanical resistence and high elasticity.
The alu frames are tig (tungsten inert gas) welded and then submitted to an heat treatment in a special oven that helps to recover the mechanical characteristics lost during the welding process.